BRAINXSOLUTIONS is an independent company. Operating Since 2016 . What started as a freelancing IT service providers turned and evolved in to a software solution company with a team of Developers Designer Financial analyists and a high end quality assurance department

Work flow

Our work process is very transparent and develops in close cooperation with our customers. We define the essential core elements to develop an individual and unique visual language. We work playfully and precisely to achieve an optimal effect of the design and orientate ourselves at each step to the individual needs of our client. First ideas are realized creatively and technically, then evaluated and further developed.

  • ✓ Innovative Technologies
  • ✓ App design development
  • ✓ Customer satisfaction
  • ✓ Responsive Design
  • ✓ Efficiency & Productivity
  • ✓ Agile/Scrum Methodology

In the current process, we approach the goal defined with the customer theoretically and strategically. Thus, all participants are heavily involved in the creative process. The intensive involvement of the customer in our workflows ensures a permanent overview and increases the quality of the results

Satisfied Client